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Buy Exotic weed strains online at the best Cookies Dispensary near you . Sweet tea  strain is one of the new strains released by the Cookies Fam. It is super delicious with slight hints of orange. This hybrid cookies strain is developed from crossing the beautiful Cali-O X Alcatraz OG X Space Queen strains. This exotic cannabis is named for its tremendous delectable aroma. Buy Exotic  Strain online .

This strain will keep you coming back for more after one puff. This strain has a citrus aroma and a leaves a lemon taste at the back of your tongue. This bud packs a candy coated and citrusy candy tea flavor into every single smoke, with traces of orange and woods upon breathe out. The high from this strain is legendary. It is a full body high that will leave you passed out on the couch. Sweet Tea is an indica prevailing mixture strain (67% indica/33% sativa) .Buy other exotic cannabis strains at Cookiesconnected.

Most users after taking this strain, said it left them calm and in a relaxed state for hours. This Cookies Strain’s  high is one that lasts for  ages, with lifted and quieting impacts that will make them feel rested and kicked back in the blink of an eye by any means. Buy Cookies Strains online

Effects Of Its High

A quieting body high goes with this psychological lift, keeping you genuinely loose for quite a long time. On account of these upbeat impacts and its high 23-24% normal THC level, Sweet Tea strain  is regularly picked to treat those experiencing , mood  swings, excessive pain, chronic depression ,  anxiety and Bipolar Disorder. The Cookies  Strain  has larger than usual hefty splendid neon green nugs with profound purple undercurrents.

It has also known to spark creativity in individuals like other strains from the Cookies Fam such as the pink rozay strain. So if you in the mood for a sweet tasting strain then buy sweet tea strain.


QtyP: 128 bags, Hp: 64 bags, Qp: 32 bags, Ounce: 8 bags


Ounce (8 bags), Quarter Pound (32 bags), Half Pound (64 bags), 1 Pound (lbs) 128 bags




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