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Ooh La is a mixture pot strain made by intersection Wedding Cake and London Poundcake.Ooh Lala was super acceptable. verry gassy on the breathe in with a rich cakey get done with traces of lemon.

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OOH LALA Strain is one of the new strains released by lemonade. It was made after a collaboration between Lemonade and Cookies fam.

The genetics of this strains are still kept secret but we speculate it is a 50% – 50% hybrid with THC Levels averaging 21%

Like many of the other lemonade strains such tangeray, pineapple piss, cake mix strain and lion’s mane strain, ooh lala buds has a color transition between light green to dark green with occasional orange patches. It has a citrus, creamy flavor and leaves a sweet taste at the back of your tongue. Buy Lemonade strain’s online

The high from ooh lala is long lasting and has a full body effect.

This Lemonade strain is perfect for those suffering from insomnia due to it’s sedative effects

It is also good for those suffering from migraines and chronic pains due to it’s numbing effects

Just like the name indicates, this strain will have you flying in cloud nine. Buy Ohh LALA strain online at Cookiesconnected

Effects Of OOH LALA Lemonade Strain

Medicinal Effect: Low-Moderate Strength. No couch lock, but not active. Sort of a middle-of-the-road head to body high. A little unfocused.At the point when users tear open the 3.5 bags the nose is first attracted to a nostalgic aroma of normal dried organic product roll-ups. It’s sweet, acrid, and inviting. There’s traces of soil and sweet orange skin to balance it. In any case, I truly needed to free my brain and uncover a portion of these notes .Buy Ooh Lala strain online.

This hybrid strain merges LEMONNADE’s sativa focus with RTJ’s indica appreciation to achieve the ideal hybrid strain. OOH LaLa flexes an aroma of spice cake and frosting plus flavor of sweet fruit cake with an herbal tea chaser, delivers a sensory-heightening head high and a light body feel. More fyah!!

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I got this Berners on Haight sitting at 39% thc. this has a pleasantly adjusted high overall quite smooth. I could rest or go accomplish something. helped my Pain, Anxiety, gloom.

To start with it’s a decent, smooth, continuous and smooth high… At the point when it arrives at its look, it stays there and loosens up you Makes you feel better.

Imo this is a 50/50 half breed, def not Sativa dom. Buds are on point yet appear to be dry or more established than the cluster marked two months prior.

Official Review

The first hit of the Ooh La La strain brings the taste of sweet pine with hints of citrus. Lighting the joint is super easy, and the burn is consistent. Joey views the experience of smoking this pre-roll as identical to smoking a strain with 25% THC. This is where the choice of terpenes in the strain really shines.

The overall experience of smoking the Ooh La La strain led Joey to give this product a score of 9.25 out of 10. The room for improvement lies with more information on the genetics and terpene profile of the plant.

The Ooh La La strain is perfect for anybody looking for a light, comfortable smoking experience. This is definitely a quality product and respect to Run The Jewels, Cookies, and Lemonnade for crafting a quality product. S/o to Valley Pure for the recommendation.


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Ounce (8 bags), Quarter Pound (32 bags), Half Pound (64 bags), 1 Pound (lbs) 128 bags




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