London Pound Cake Strain

London Pound Cake was Created by the Cookies fam, the London Pound cookies strain is a cross of Sunset Sherbet and an undisclosed heavy hitting indica strain.

Out of the Cookies HQ, no one really knows what it is made of but expect a high that will leave you passed out on the couch. London Pound Cake is one of the most baffling, yet additionally best,  cookies strain in the bay area . London Pound Cake is a profound bud,  purple and green in appearance. The london pound cake  strain has a gassy, sweet, blueberry, and lemongrass fragrance. London pound cake  is an incredibly even mixture. Buy London Pound Cake Strain online . It tastes amazing with a morning mug of tea or late around evening . London pound cake  is the 75th blend between Sunset Sherbert x Nep Og.

Effects of London Pound Cake

The London Pound Cake has the effect similar to that of most heavy hitting indica dominant strains. The high gotten from London  Pound Cake cookies is both uplifting and relaxing. A mild dosage is strong enough to knockout beginner level cannabis users.It generally induces sleep and is perfect for insomnia.

As the impact develops however, the amiability transforms into torpidity, which can leave one inclination calmed and amazingly languid, particularly in the event that one isn’t cautious with the amount of the cookies strain they are burning-through. Notwithstanding, these sentiments, alongside the power of the THC makes the London Pound Cake  an incredible resource in treating persistent depression, sleeping disorders, loss of appetite, stress, and constant pain.


Much like real Lemon  Pound Cake, the fragrance of the London Pound Cake strain is an enjoyment to observe. At the point when you get a whiff of those buds, you notice a mix of syrupiness and maybe a punch of lemony citrus. Some state the fragrance is somewhat not quite the same as what they anticipated. Buy London Pound Cake and all other Berner’s Cookies Strains online

Growing data

A ton of things about this strain are somewhat of a puzzle similar to the Lemon Pound Weed and that includes data for developing. Accessible develop data is scant on the web, however from what we can tell, blooming time is around 63 days  like most Cookies strains and you can expect thick nugs with strings of orange hairs and cold, golden shaded trichomes.
The principal thing to think about developing London Pound Cake Strain  is that the seeds are somewhat rare. In any case, in case you’re truly decided, you can do it – yet it will cost you.
London Pound Cake seeds require around 65 days to develop. London Pound Cake seeds can either be developed either inside or outside. Try not to hope to discover any feminized forms of seeds, so be set up to “weed” out the guys once you can recognize them.
London Pound Cake seeds are costly to acquire, London Pound Cake weed stays one of the more strange cannabis plants to develop. The impacts of smoking this weed are all around reported, however developing it is something else inside and out. Similarly as with most maryjane strains, anticipate that more data should create as others begin to develop it. If you are looking for the perfect place to buy the London Pound Cake Strain online our shop is definitely the best .
QtyP: 128 bags, Hp: 64 bags, Qp: 32 bags, Ounce: 8 bags


Ounce (8 bags), Quarter Pound (32 bags), Half Pound (64 bags), 1 Pound (lbs) 128 bags




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